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Our fall season is open from September 1st- late October

We grown about 20 varities of apples that are available
pre-picked or pick your own (PYO). 
Harvest Dates (approximate):
Early-September until Late October 
(Call ahead to make sure picking is open and we
have what you need)

About Pick Your Own Apples:
Please check in at the market first to get your ticket for picking. We do pick your own apples by the pound. So, pick, then return to our market to pay for your picking. 

Varieties we grow and approximate harvest times:
~ Remember.. this is mother nature, she is unpredictable, call ahead to be sure!~
Red Free- Early September
Zestar- Early September
Ginger Gold- Early September
Summer Rambo- Early to Mid September
Gala- Mid September
Jonamac- Mid September
McIntosh- Mid to Late September
Cortland- Late September to Early October
Honeycrisp- Late September to Early October
Macoun- Early to Mid October
Spartan- Early to Mid October
Wolf River- Early to Mid October
Fuji- Early to Mid October
Red Delicious- Early to Mid October
Snowsweet- Mid October
Greenings- Mid October
Empire- Mid October
Jonathon- Mid October
Ambrosia- Mid to Late October
Jonagold- Mid to Late October

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