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Pick you own cherries,
a TRUE Door County experience!

We have several varieties of sweet cherries and the
iconic Door County tart cherry, montmorency. Cherries
are available pre-picked in our market or pick your own
by the pail during these approximate dates:
Harvest Dates (approximate):
Sweet Cherries- Early until Late July
Tart Cherries- Mid July until Mid August
(Call ahead to make sure picking is open and
we have what you want)

For Pick You Own (PYO) cherries:
Pick your own cherries are  only available by the pail. Purchase your pail in our market and they will instruct you where to go for picking. Check back in at our market to return your pail. We will do our best to help you have a great picking experience! 

Cherry Pitter: 
Yes, we have a cherry pitter! Pitting costs $4 per pail.
Our staff will wash and cool your cherries and then
run them through our pitting machine. You will get 
them back to you in a 2 gallon ziploc bag. 

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